Advanced Light Pack

version 1.1.1   [Oct.25,2021]


  • Fixed visibility of Procedural Actors in Raytracing.
  • Fixed pop-up message when deleting Light Actors with Sound.

version 1.1.0   [Oct.21,2021]

New Assets:

  • 3 City Park Lights
  • 2 Street Lights
  • 2 Road Lights
  • 2 String Lights + 8 Modular Wires
  • Christmas Tree + 5 Decorations
  • 26 Blueprints
  • 27 Textures
  • 2 Master Materials
  • 13 Material Instances


  • Procedurally add Spline Meshes on Spline Path and decorate them with Lights and Instanced meshes.
  • Procedurally add Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes on Spline Path with various placement methods, Customizable with Lights, Cables, and Audio Components.
  • *All Procedural Actors support Switches, Animations, and Sounds.
  • Real-time View Target support for Lights.
  • Change Animations for Lights in real-time.
  • Options for changing Cast Shadows and Raytraced Shadows of Key and Fill Lights.
  • Simple Wind simulation for Cables.


  • Fixed Animation Sound Issues.
  • Fixed Issues with Raytracing.

version 1.0.​​​​​​2    [Sept.26,2021]


  • BP_CeilingLight: Wrong Cable length when packaging. an editor button is added to find a ceiling and adjust cable length.

version 1.0.​​​​​​1    [Sept.24,2021]


  • Modular light bulb blueprint (6 light sockets, 14 light bulbs, 5 filaments)
  • IES showcase map


  • Optimized Lightmaps
  • Roughness texture improvement for Light bulbs
  • Some animations are replicated.
  • Heatup/Cooldown delay is replicated.
  • Added a button for BP_LightSwitchBase to automatically populate Related Switches.
  • Option to use ceiling line trace for BP_CeilingLight_Base


  • Fixed Wrong View Target Calculation when actor rotation is not zero.
  • Fixed Cable tiling for BP_CeilingLight
  • removed some unused uv channels
  • Renamed function Set Yaw/Pitch Mesh for ViewTarget to Set Yaw/Pitch Component for View Target in BP_LightActor_WithTarget.
  • fix name fields that did not show up in some child blueprints