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  • Level Streaming Assistant Plugin
  • Bonus Color Grading LUTs

Level Streaming Assistant Plugin

With this plugin, you can easily and quickly set up level streaming for your games. Two lists show how each actor streams each level. Actors and levels can be grouped into colored folders for a more organized view.

It’s much easier to work with Level Streaming Volumes using this plugin. there is a tool to auto-generate level streaming volumes for your levels.
Level Streaming Trigger is provided for trigger-based level streaming that works very well for buildings.
You can also extend the plugin to make it work with your custom level streaming actors just using blueprints.(PDF 2)
There is also a box selection tool that can be used to quickly select multiple actors and move them into sub levels.

let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


  • added billboard to level streaming triggers so it can be selected easier


  • drag and drop is made easier for level streaming triggers
  • updated some icons

version 1.0.​​​​​​2


  • support for multiple actor selection (grey highlight is used when there are different binding modes between levels and selected actors)
  • introduced binding modes. a binding mode is a relation between a level and level streaming actor that defines how a level should be streamed by an actor (for example different loading and visibility controls)
  • blinking effect for hovered highlights


  • performance improvement

version 1.2.​​​​​​0


  • UI improvements

  • Actor Selector Box to easily select actors

  • tree view for actors and levels with folder structure

  • context menu for tree view items (right-click)

  • [General] Rename, Delete, Create Folder, Set Folder Color

  • [Levels] make current, move selected actors to level, change streaming method, find levels in the content browser

  • [Actors] calculate bounds from levels, calculate bounds from actors, select actors inside, Play from here, bind all, unbind all

  • [streaming volumes] auto bind

  • color selection for each folder

  • blue icon for each level to show if it’s always loaded or streamed by blueprint

  • levels in the tree are highlighted with blue color when they are bound to any selected actors

  • [C++] provided access to selected actors and levels (FLevelStreamAssistantHierarchyView)

  • some errors and warnings will be reported in the output log

  • level streaming triggers can be one-way or two-way.


  • stability improvements
  • box highlights now have a correct rotation
  • removed tools drop-down from actor and level tree
  • removed Play tool button in Level stream assistant mode
  • removed merge selection tool
  • actor and level items are always sorted
  • levels in the tree can now be selected (orange color)
  • correction in the “Calculate Bound From Levels” option
  • level stream trigger billboard icon updated
  • “Options” dropdown is replaced with a toolbar
  • drag and drop for blueprint actors now works
  • [C++] fixed “SetBounds” function for “LevelStreamingTrigger”
  • level binding can be toggled with alt+click

version 1.2.​​​​​​1


  • Support for Android target platform
  • added toolbar button to open the detail panel of the current editor. (can be used to change highlight colors)
  • load and unload highlight colors are now customizable
  • selected actor highlight color can be changed


  • fixed memory leak issue (some widgets could not be destroyed after closing the level stream assistant tab)
  • selected actors and levels in the tree can be deleted by pressing the delete key
  • selected editor type is remembered
  • fixed a problem where renaming an actor in the folder would prompt the user with a warning to save the map
  • The opacity of highlights can be changed
  • editor properties are saved to config when changing them in the detail panel.
  • [C++] ULevelStreamingActorEditorBase is not a Const class anymore

version 1.2.​​​​​​3


  • a new class that can be inherited to make level streaming editors in the blueprint (BlueprintLevelStreamingActorEditorBase)
  • [C++] added more functions to FLevelStreamAssistantHierarchyView (change selection, clear selection, and notify selection change of actors and levels)
  • added Create Sub Folder to the context menu of actor and level items


  • when a level item is double-clicked, it becomes the current level
  • press Enter to “MakeCurrent” the selected level
  • fixed wrong bounding box calculation when ignoring positive and negative bounds extension of static meshes
  • fixed Actor Selector Box large icon size
  • tooltip for binding modes is now displayed
  • Warning to delete multiple levels is shown only once. (instead of showing a warning for deleting each level)
  • when a new folder is created for selected items, rename is activated for that folder
  • fixed a bug where deleting a folder would change it’s parent properties (like color)
  • FolderManager instance lives as long as the plugin module is running
  • removed assert when trying to drag and drop actor with an invalid type (this error is handled silently instead)
  • only actor and folder items can be renamed
  • Warning widget is updated every 0.5 seconds for better performance
  • fixed a problem where selecting an actor would become deselected immediately if there was an actor already selected in the list

Bonus Color Grading LUTs

version 1.1


  • added billboard to level streaming triggers so it can be selected easier